South East Orthodontics Incursion

South East Orthodontics Incursion

Recount written collaboratively as a whole class.

On Thursday the 21st of June, all of the grade 1 and 2 students had an incursion. Two ladies named Elle and Teaghan from South East Orthodontics came to our school to talk about oral hygiene. We learnt lots of important facts including:

  •  Teeth help us to chew our food, it helps us to speak and it gives us a beautiful smile.

  • We should all brush our teeth twice a day, after breakfast and after dinner.

  • If you don’t brush your teeth often you can get gum disease. Severe gum disease is called ‘gingivitis.’ That’s when your gums will be angry, red, sore and they will bleed!

  • If you don’t brush your teeth properly, or if you eat too much sugary food you can get cavities, which are holes in your teeth.

  • Our teeth are connected to nerves. If we wear away the enamel on our teeth it can get to our nerves and begin to rot them away and that can really hurt!!!!

  • If our nerves become damaged it can cause an abscess, which is a puss filled bubble in our gums.

  • There are 4 different types of teeth in our mouth; molar, incisor, premolar, canine.

  • We brush our teeth in circular motions, not scrubbing motions.

We also played a game where we categorised ‘sometimes foods’ and healthy foods. At the end Teaghan and Elle were kind enough to send us off with a show bag that had a toothbrush, a timer, toothpaste and a colouring sheet. Now we are prepared and educated about how to take great care of our teeth.

Wilson Botanic Park Excursion 2018

Wilson Botanic Park Excursion 2018

Recount written by Connor.

On Wednesday, we went to Wilson Botanic Park with all the grade 2’s. We walked there. When we go there, we ate our snack straight away because we left our school during snack time.

After we ate, we went to the Bird Hide, which was a log cabin. When we went inside there were windows, and if you look out of the windows you could see birds, ducks and the Basalt Lake.

Next we climbed a steep hill up to the Hoo Hoo Tower. I climbed the stairs but I was really scared because I’m afraid of heights.

Then we went to the playground, where Maadhav, Thenuka, James and I played Tornadoes and it was incredibly fun!

After that we went to Anniversary Lake to eat our lunch and we saw turtles in the water.

When we had finished eating our lunch and had a little run around, we set off back to school. Even though we were exhausted, we had an amazing day so it was so worth it!

JSC Recycled materials Dress Up Day

JSC Recycled materials Dress Up Day

Written by Thenuka.

On the 15th of March we had the JSC recyclable dress up day because we were raising money for Amira.  People got very creative, they used bubble rap,egg cartons,boxes, plastic bags and water bottles. We had a competition to see who was the best dressed in our class and it was  SCARLET who won! It was a fun day and I really enjoyed seeing everybody’s efforts for a great cause.

My Place Unit of Inquiry

My Place Unit of Inquiry

In term 1, the grade 2 students learnt to recognise their place in our world. Students understand the globe as a representation of the earth, and they also learnt how to locate their street, suburb and state on a map.
Students are beginning to understand that
a community is a group of people living in one place, sharing facilities and that we belong to a community in the City of Casey. We also explored the reasons why people choose to live in the City of Casey, and we had many discussions about the many places that influence our lives and opportunities that we have to contribute to our communities.

Students were also given the task of becoming ‘Town Planners.’ In small groups, they designed a new town where they had to consider all the important places and facilities that are necessary in a township. They worked collaboratively, using classroom materials to build a model of their new town, and then we filmed each group explaining their individual contributions and the facilities they included. It was such a fun activity and I am so proud and impressed with their designs and ability to work together so beautifully.


Chinese New Year Lantern Festival 2018

Chinese New Year Lantern Festival 2018

Recount written by Chantelle.

Last Friday the 2nd of March, we celebrated Chinese New Year! In the morning we went to the basketball court. When we got there, our buddies came and sat with us. Our buddy grade is 4M. After our buddy grade arrived, the extension Mandarin students went to the front of the basketball court and did some singing and dancing.

After that the Chinese dragon came and danced around the basketball court. The dragon was a really quick dancer.

Finally,the parade started and the grades walked around the basketball court. It was AMAZING! Our grade made Dog Lanterns because it is the Year of the Dog and we all dressed in red clothes. I was wearing a red dress.

Then we went back to class and a special visitor came and she helped us to make bookmarks. We also go to take our lanterns home.

I felt really happy about my day. The Chinese New Year Festival was fantastic! When I got home I even told my parents about how fantastic my day was, and my parents loved that I told them all the details of my day. When I went to bed that night I dreamed about doing it again!

Welcome to 2H’s blog page!

Welcome to 2H’s blog page!

Berwick Lodge Primary School have starting blogging on our brand new platform. We are so excited to share our AMAZING experiences and achievements with our family, friends and teachers.

A blogging is a wonderful way of developing the ICT skills of the students, which has become widely recognised as necessary skill to possess in the 21stcentury.

Additionally, blogs can improve students’ literacy skills, as students are able to communicate their ideas, responses, and present their research in a different format. They are able to provide feedback, encouragement, and suggestions to their peers, whilst the blogs also allow students a chance to reflect on previous posts or even revise previously completed work.

It is also an authentic way to educate the students about the importance of cyber safety and appropriate online behaviours. It provides the class with many opportunities to discuss cyber safety, its dangers, consequences and preventive measures in context.

Most importantly, the blogs promote a home and school connection. I know that all parents love to see videos and photos of their children learning in action, so I will ensure that I post plenty of images and provide a brief description of the activities that we are completing.

I’m thrilled to be embarking on this journey with 2H!!!!
Your partner in education, Mrs Hoang.

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