My Place Unit of Inquiry

My Place Unit of Inquiry

In term 1, the grade 2 students learnt to recognise their place in our world. Students understand the globe as a representation of the earth, and they also learnt how to locate their street, suburb and state on a map.
Students are beginning to understand that
a community is a group of people living in one place, sharing facilities and that we belong to a community in the City of Casey. We also explored the reasons why people choose to live in the City of Casey, and we had many discussions about the many places that influence our lives and opportunities that we have to contribute to our communities.

Students were also given the task of becoming ‘Town Planners.’ In small groups, they designed a new town where they had to consider all the important places and facilities that are necessary in a township. They worked collaboratively, using classroom materials to build a model of their new town, and then we filmed each group explaining their individual contributions and the facilities they included. It was such a fun activity and I am so proud and impressed with their designs and ability to work together so beautifully.


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